From Corporate Stages and Keynotes to College Classrooms and Round Tables,

Kim delivers empowering messages about activating your business presence, igniting an entrepreneurial spirit & setting yourself up for success.

past clients include

Denise Kovarik, JA Alumni Virtual Conference

“Kim was a great motivation and inspiration for our participants. With her authentic and competent manner she managed to captivate the audience right from the start. Her keynote and the topics she covered were ideally suited to the interests of our members, which is why they were able to take away a great deal of learning. The cooperation with Kim before and after the event was very pleasant, straight forward and she showed a lot of interest in the event and our network, which is why she was excellently prepared for her keynote. What we particularly appreciated is that she also connected with our participants afterwards, gave them valuable tips and shared her learnings. I can therefore highly recommend Kim as a speaker and we will definitely invite her to one of our events again.”


“Never thought that a half-hour keynote could be so motivational, full of useful advice, and, without any exaggeration, life-changing. I had the honor to listen to the keynote Kim gave on our JA Alumni Virtual Conference and I am still processing every advice and thought she shared with us. I was amazed by how positive and spontaneous Kim was but at the same time, she shared so many useful things. Even after the conference, she was open to talk and answer every one of our questions. Kim is a real inspiration, an amazing speaker and without a doubt, the event wouldn’t be such a success without her.”


“Kim was a fantastic digital keynote speaker to our young entrepreneurs this summer. They learned so much about marketing themselves and their business. Here is one student’s rave review: “It was great meeting Kim Kaupe online! I've heard about her and her amazing work before LaunchX and I was so excited to attend her presentation. But most importantly, her detailed breakdown of the storytelling process enabled me to formulate a clearer mindset on how to craft our brand story.” I highly recommend Kim as a speaker to anyone who wants to learn how to build their brand.”


“Kim participated as a panelist on the inaugural 2018 American Express International Women’s Day panel, speaking about her experiences as a successful female entrepreneur. She was a lively presence on stage and her energy and enthusiasm was contagious!”


“As a partner of the Global Education and Skills Forum, JA Worldwide seizes the opportunity to feature the very best of our JA alumni from around the world. Kim was phenomenal choice and artfully engaged the live audience, attendees, and viewers across the globe on the Live Stream. We continue to partner with Kim for events and would absolutely recommend her to any organization whose audience wants to be inspired by her message of entrepreneurship, empowerment, and business.”


“Kim was an outstanding addition to our 2019 Retail Smarter event here at The University of Florida. Kim has a great stage presence and she kept the audience entertained!! I received many complimentary remarks about her presentation. We are so thankful that Kim was a keynote at Retail Smarter.” 


“The Wilkes-Barre Connect SPOTLIGHT Series brings together thought leaders and entrepreneurs from across the country to share their story and motivate and inspire our students, entrepreneurs and young professionals on a quarterly basis. We had the absolute honor and privilege to have Kim Kaupe serve as our SPOTLIGHT Speaker in September 2018...and we've been feeling the "Kim Effect" ever since she took the stage. Her message truly resonated with our audience, providing the spark we needed to believe our region can be innovative and creative...and that spark continues to shine bright nearly a year later. In addition, Kim was incredible to deal with - as she was the first person to arrive and the last person to leave the event. Her energy and dedication was real - she cared about our event, cared about our audience, and made sure she met every single attendee. The "Kim Effect" is real, and if it were possible, we'd book her for every single SPOTLIGHT Series.”


“Kim was an absolute pleasure to work with and such an amazing speaker to have at our event. She provided a ton of value for our attendees about her entrepreneurial journey and we received nothing but positive feedback from our audience.”

amy hayes stelhorn, young entrepreneur council, women entrepreneurs chair

Kim led an inspiring and actionable workshop with the YEC Women Entrepreneurship group. I appreciated that she first helped us see the value of working on self-branding, and then gave us a ton of practical tips to get going. She was thorough in prep, led a compelling session, answered every question, and kept us laughing along the way. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to any leader who is ready to up their online presence!

jennifer reissman, seacoast

“We were THRILLED to have Kim join our women's resource group as a guest speaker. Not only was Kim fun, engaging, and energetic, her message was spot on. Kim took the time to learn about our business so she could get every detail right. She taught us how to gain recognition, speak up confidently, and build out personal brands. Kim's presentation was the perfect way to kick off 2021!”

eo philadelphia

“Kim's keynote was out of the box, interactive & dynamic! If your team is looking for motivation to hit big goals, introspection to ask the hard questions, or the inspiration to make the big moves Kim is going to be the perfect fit. Her laid back working style was refreshing, fun and made planning a piece of cake.”

jamie kraft, university of florida

“Providing students with the motivation to believe in their dreams often doesn't get enough attention in the circles of entrepreneurship education. As a speaker in my course, Kim delivered a message to the students that resonated deeply and left them inspired to believe anything was possible. Her charisma and energy was infectious and her delivery was seamless. I would ask Kim back in a heartbeat... the students loved her!”

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops


Description: I received over 2 million impressions on LinkedIn last year. The best part? It was completely free. In this workshop, I show you how as we focus on optimizing individual profiles, amplifying company wins & becoming a thought leader in your industry. With 17 million C-Suite decision makers logging on to LinkedIn daily, sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. Social media is fueling sales as 84% of C-level or senior-level executives say they use social platforms to make purchasing decisions. The opportunities are limitless – if you know how to leverage them. 

You Will Learn: 

• How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
• Why thought leadership matters & how to begin
• The best way amplify company messaging & announcements

Best For:

• Team Trainings (Marketing, Sales)
• Executives & C-Suite


Description: While most companies “talk the talk” of empowering and mentoring employees, few “walk the walk” by showing employees how to leverage these opportunities. By outlining the difference between a mentor and internal advocate, Kim demystifies the road to success. Her “Four Mentor Method” is expanded in this workshop, detailing the importance of mentorship: what it is, how to get it, and the power of utilizing resources within your company. 

You Will Learn: 

• What types of mentors you need
• How to utilize mentors & internal advocates to supercharge your career
• How to find, engage & secure mentors and set up a winning relationship

Best For:

• All employees, all levels

Speaking Reel

Speaking Reel

Frequent Keynotes

Frequent Keynotes

Raise Your Hand: How To Gain Recognition & Build a Personal Brand 

Description: Hope is not a strategy so stop waiting to be called on in life, business and your career! From opportunities for a promotion to awards and industry recognition it’s important to cultivate your own narrative and personal brand when it comes to your career. In this talk Kim gives actionable advice on how to become your own best advocate. 

You Will Learn: 

• How to identify award and recognition opportunities
• How to represent yourself digitally (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)
• How to communicate your work effectively to others

Entrepreneurship & Brands: Why Big Companies Need Innovators Now More Than Ever   

Description: An entrepreneurial attitude is needed in start-ups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Technological innovation, AI, and industry disruption has lead to corporate culture shifts around “intrapreneurship” at large companies. In this keynote, Kim dives in to show how every employee can harness their entrepreneurial spirit within an organization. She highlights how you can foster a culture of innovation, nurture future leaders, and engage your best resource - you and your team!

You Will Learn: 

• How to implement an entrepreneurial culture in your work place
• How to find your niche as a leader in your organization
• How to find and develop opportunities internally and externally for your team

Mentorship Matters: Supercharging Your Professional Career

Description: Kim's “Four Mentor Method” quickly took off gaining traction in Forbes, Inc and on MSN. Expanded here, Kim details the importance of mentorship when it comes to your career: what it is, how to get it, and why it’s not as hard as you think. She outlines the four mentor-types you need to become successful, where to find them, and how to utilize them to propel your career.  

You Will Learn: 

• What types of mentors you need
• How to utilize mentors to supercharge your career
• How to find mentors and create a winning relationship

My Accidental Entrepreneur Story: From Lawn Seats to Backstage with the World's Biggest Acts

Description: Kim was 25 years old with no funding and no idea how to create a company when she started, yet her business passed the million-dollar revenue mark within 11 months of starting the company. She scored offers from 4 out of 5 sharks on Shark Tank, made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, and counts A-lists from Paul McCartney to Oprah as clients. In this talk, Kim reveals how you too can change the trajectory of your life - no experience needed!   

You Will Learn: 

• How being an outsider and new to a field has its advantages
• How to find your superpower and how to best use it
• How to best utilize the relationships you have

Past Speaking Highlights

Past Speaking Highlights






Kim Kaupe is a founder, keynote speaker, and one-of-a-kind teacher. From worldwide stages to her online courses, Kim’s mission of investing in yourself, your career and your network has garnered the praise of corporate clients such as American Express, YPO and TEDx. On LinkedIn alone, she has served over 400,000+ students through her entrepreneur-focused LinkedIn Learning courses.

Her current company, Bright Ideas Only, is a marketing and fan engagement based agency based in Austin, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina. The company works with powerhouse, A-list properties such as Oprah, The New York Mets, KISS, Shawn Mendes, ACE Comic Con, Miller Coors, and Paul McCartney to create new programs, revenue streams and branding. Her previous companies, ‘ZinePak and The Superfan Company, garnered global praise from being named one of The Wall Street Journal’s Startup of the Year to being featured on Season 5 of ABC’s hit primetime show, Shark Tank, securing offers from 4 out of 5 sharks.

Kim’s accolades include Forbes 30 Under 30, Advertising Age’s 40 Under 40, Inc.’s 35 Under 35 and EY’s Young Innovator of the Year Award. Kim regularly contributes commentary on business, entrepreneurship and entertainment to media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Forbes and Entrepreneur in addition to being featured on television networks, such as her appearance as a judge for 2019 Miss USA pageant LIVE on Fox.

Kim is passionate about giving back to the next generation through her volunteer work and service on foundation boards such as Junior Achievement, Andrus Family Fund and currently the University of Florida Alumni Association Board. She enjoys good music, witty banter, and commenting on life and entrepreneurship on her social channels. If you don’t interrupt her during one of her beloved Florida Gator games, she is always up for a conversation, laugh, or figuring out a master plan on how she can meet one of her idols, Harrison Ford.

Say Hi on Socials: @KimKaupe


Kim Kaupe is a founder, keynote speaker, and one-of-a-kind teacher. From worldwide stages to her online courses, Kim’s mission of investing in yourself, supercharging your career and building your network has garnered the praise of corporate clients such as American Express, YPO, TEDx and LinkedIn. Her weekly live series, Coffee With Kim brings in experts, founders & leaders to share tips, tricks and strategies that help them excel. Additionally, Kim is a partner in a fan engagement agency, Bright Ideas Only, working with A-list properties such as Paul McCartney, Oprah, the NY Mets and Shawn Mendes to create marketing programs, new revenue streams and branding. You might recognize her from ABC’s hit primetime show, Shark Tank (securing offers from 4 out of 5 sharks!), from her role as a judge in the 2019 Miss USA pageant live on FOX, or from her various social media channels where she pushes out content daily. Previously she was named to Inc.’s 35 Under 35, Advertising Age’s 40 Under 40 and Forbes 30 Under 30.

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