Bootstrapping A Business

This course teaches you how to do more in your business with less money. From leveraging partnerships to cost-saving hacks, this course delivers an introduction to what it takes to bootstrap a business. 


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Business Owners Who Want to Save Money & Do More with Less

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Small Business Owners Who Want to Steer Clear of Taking Outside Funding 

Side-Hustle Starters

Budding Entrepreneurs

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I never raised a dollar in capital and hit the $1 million revenue mark in 11 months. Bootstrapping to big money is possible, if you know which way to go on the map. Follow me in this course as I lead the way. 

I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on what I thought were solid investments in my business (like a PR team!). Now I know there are faster, smarter & way less expensive ways to leverage attention & gain traction. 

I was scared to start my business without funding. Shows like Shark Tank and Dragons Den made it seem like raising money was the “right way” to start a business. I quickly realized it wasn’t the only way and I’m excited to show you what I learned.

This course helps budding bootstrapping entrepreneurs and side business starters skip straight to what works. No need to look aimlessly on Google, LinkedIn & I have done the hard work for you!

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7 Modules:

Conduct a Self-Evaluation

Starting Your Bootstrapped Business

Manage Your Spending

Your Life vs. Your Business

Utilizing and Building Networks

Leveraging Press and Funding Opportunities

Control Your Finances


75+ Minutes of Content

1 Exercise Files 

Q&A Forum Access

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Every dollar counts in the early days of a company. Make sure your dollars are going to the right areas to grow your business and expand your impact!

from my students

- Akshay

Thanks for the great content. Yesterday, I had gone through your course about Bootstrapping your start-up. I loved that. Although I am a 1-time entrepreneur, this is the first time I am bootstrapping my second company. Thanks for sharing those ideas. I look forward to being in touch. 

Kim makes me feel more than excited about Entrepreneurship. Wish I could have had a mentor or partner like her to start my first business. But with her good advising through her courses, hope that I will have a good start. Thanks Kim!

- TJ

Wow! I learned so much real, actionable advice tonight. I appreciate you telling us all those things you wish you were told. I'm looking forward to taking your free Entrepreneurship course. I can't wait to see what's next on your Entrepreneurial journey.

- Arpit

Best mentor on LinkedIn Learning!!! Thank you so much for the courses.

- Amelia

Hi Kim, Your LinkedIn course was really informative, thank you for sharing your insights. Hope to connect and learn more about Superfan Company. Thanks!

- Sivakumar

Your course made an impact! I just completed your course. I got a lot of information. I am trying to understand the entrepreneurship world. You made it easier. Thanks. We have idea and ready to go with side hustle like you said.

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Yes, you will need a LinkedIn account - it’s free - to watch the course.

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Yes, there are 3 ways to do so.
A. La Carte - A one-time fee is associated with each course. 

B. Premium Trial Program - You can sign up for a free trial of LinkedIn Learning to access more of my courses. 

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Can I watch at my leisure?

Yes, each module can be watched separately or one right after the other.

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