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How To Negotiate To Save Money With Veronica Dagher

Wednesday, SEptember 27, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM est

Shocked by the cost of eggs? Me too. Notice that interest rates are through the roof? Me too. Feeling inflation and rising prices makes one ask, “Well where can I save?!” Veronica Dagger’s recent WSJ article “The Complete Guide to Haggling in This Economy,” had me hooked as it was power packed with actionable insights. As an award winning personal finance reporter Veronica is in the know on how to negotiate bills, tips for doing so and where to look for deals.

If there’s something we should definitely discuss shoot me an email me before we meet (

to do

You Bring:

Any questions or stumbling blocks you have about negotiating


Questions about what sort of things are okay to negotiate. (phone bill, insurance, etc?!)


veronica IS BRINGING:

Insights from the WSJ podcast she created “Secrets of Wealthy Women,” where she’s interviewed some of the most successful women in business, media and entertainment.