Entrepreneurship Foundations

This masterclass is a jam-packed starter kit for new or potential business owners. From assessing potential business opportunities and outlining challenges to raising funds and identifying important mentors and advisors, this class is for anyone wanting to start a side hustle, become an entrepreneur or are curious about joining a startup.


this course is best for

Avid Shark Tank Fans Who Say, “I Could Do That!”

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Curious Leaders Who Think They Have a Good Business Idea

Side-Hustle Starters

Budding Entrepreneurs

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It took me ten years of learning & hundreds of hours meetings with fellow founders to figure out what works. Time is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset, one that we can’t buy more of, make more of, barter for or get back.

 I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes (my most costly mistake? $43,000!). 

I felt so alone when I started my business. I didn’t know who to turn to (other than google!) to ask advice or get feedback. This a built in community for you to pull up a chair and plug into.

This course helps budding entrepreneurs and side business starters skip straight to 
what works. Why reinvent the wheel and start from scratch when I’m handing you an exact how-to guide to get started? 

what works.


what’s inside

8 Modules:

What Is Your Why?

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…

Money Talks

Find Your Team of Superheroes

Marketing 101

Scale Your Business

What Is Your Why?

Launch Your Business


70+ Minutes of Content

2 Exercise Files 

Q&A Forum Access

4.5 out of 5 Stars with 475+ Reviews

Over 196,000+ Jump-Started Students

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Do not waste another day wondering, "What if?" Invest in YOU over Netflix. Learn from others over learning alone. Invest in something that can never be taken away – knowledge. 

from my students

- Rupesh

Thank you, Kim, for the powerful and insightful course on Entrepreneurship Foundations. I loved your energy and the numerous real-life examples to convey the message. Would like to keep following and learning from you. Cheers.

- Alaina

I just finished watching your course, Entrepreneurship Foundations. It's been incredibly helpful for me! I already signed up for your next Coffee with Kim event. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me start this journey!

- Rodney

I just watched your live training Entrepreneurship Foundations and after 20+ years in business my hat is off to you. You nailed so many key factors in a high level and inspiring way. I truly hope more young people get access to this content - as it is what our Gen Z and Millennials need. Congrats!

- Pedro

Thank you for your course. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your course on entrepreneurship and that you are an excellent speaker. The way you deliver your story is incredible and you can feel the passion emanating from your words. 

- Jeff

Great work on the Entrepreneurship Foundations LinkedIn course. Thank you for making the Startup Community better!

- Kumar

Hey Kim, I just completed the Entrepreneurship Foundations Course and I am so fascinated by your way of explaining things. I look forward to learn from you and your journey. And maybe if someday I plan to start a business, I'll be that buzzing bee to get you as my Business Coach. Thank you!!

I love this course - it's mind blowing because of the life experiences or examples used by Kim. It really breaks startup to the simplest form that made for easy understanding and practicable, thereby, motivating and inspiring me to get up and start my business. I love this course and Kim is amazing!

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Do I have to sign up for LinkedIn?

Yes, you will need a LinkedIn account - it’s free - to watch the course.

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Can I access more of your classes?

Yes, there are 3 ways to do so.
A. La Carte - A one-time fee is associated with each course. 

B. Premium Trial Program - You can sign up for a free trial of LinkedIn Learning to access more of my courses. 

C. Premium Account - Signing up for LinkedIn Premium gives you Lifetime Access to LinkedIn Learning. Prices vary by country. All updated pricing will be on LinkedIn.com. 

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Can I watch at my leisure?

Yes, each module can be watched separately or one right after the other.

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