AI expert, Dave Birss and I discussed new technology, what mistakes we might be making, and how we can improve prompts to get results.

We brought in expert Bonnie Biafore to discuss what it takes to go from good to great as a superstar project manager.

Maya and I dove into what’s holding people back from working their way into upper management and how you can get there without burning out.

Chris shared a lot of negotiation skills with us. He mentions “a walk away point” and tips for negotiating at current jobs vs new jobs.

Want a new job? How about a raise? These career moves are in your control once you learn the templates and tactics to use to get them!

Join Mary and I as we discuss how to communicate and collaborate with your boss and how to avoid brown-nosing or coming across disrespectful.

Start to THINK like an entrepreneur. How do I proactively solve problems? What’s keeping me from what I want? What’s worth it in my career?

How to avoid resume pitfalls and what skills to highlight. Plus, how to get past the newest application gatekeeper.

Every Wednesday at 1pm EST on LinkedIn, you and I are going to talk about everything from business and entrepreneurship to career and mindset with industry leaders, experts, founders & CEO’s.

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