Biggest work mistake? Assuming everyone knows your performance. Good news: mediocrity goes unnoticed. Bad news: excellence often does too.

Whether you’re on a team of 1 or 100 having a solid plan in place for using AI is going to be key in the coming years.

Is it time for a break or a pivot? This week we dove into how to assess burnout vs time for a transition and how to pivot successfully.

Learn essential tips to save time on applications, tailor your resume, and leverage LinkedIn and your network.

In today’s coffee meeting, we debunked myths around leadership and zeroed in on what it takes to be an influential leader.

AI expert, Dave Birss and I discussed new technology, what mistakes we might be making, and how we can improve prompts to get results.

We brought in expert Bonnie Biafore to discuss what it takes to go from good to great as a superstar project manager.

Maya and I dove into what’s holding people back from working their way into upper management and how you can get there without burning out.

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