As the end of the year nears so do end of year reviews. If you are eager for your boss to notice your hard work, this is the session for you!

Start to THINK like an entrepreneur. How do I proactively solve problems? What’s keeping me from what I want? What’s worth it in my career?

How to avoid resume pitfalls and what skills to highlight. Plus, how to get past the newest application gatekeeper.

The world class marketer and author joined us to teach us how to refresh our stories and tell them with new clarity and passion.

Preparing for big opportunities isn’t hard when you know how. Follow these tips and tricks to stay ready for your next big career break.

Networking tips to help accelerate you into successful career pivots and what to avoid when networking.

If you knew a tragedy was coming, how would you plan for it? That’s what Jonathan Brill helps us answer on this episode of Coffee With Kim.

Take back control of your experience and design a career of your dreams with Debbie Millman.

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