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  This week’s Coffee With Kim guest is Founder and CEO of Recruit the Employer, podcast host, and LinkedIn Learning instructor, Jena Viviano Dunay. As a Career Strategist, Jena helps clients become irresistible hires- whether they’re hoping to land their dream job, change careers, or negotiate their salary. In our conversation she helps listeners get […]

  This week’s guest is a powerhouse to say the least! By day, she’s VP of Brand Communications and Experiences at Parallel. By night, she’s CEO & Founder of The Industry Collective. Her successful career landed her a PRWeek’s 40 Under 40 recognition, a board position at StepUp, and most recently a Rolling Stone Culture […]

  This week’s Coffee with Kim guest is an HR Rockstar in no uncertain terms. After quitting her corporate job, she’s made it her mission to help others put themselves first and take control of their careers – she even wrote a book about it, read Betting on You here. Today, Laurie Ruettimann teaches us […]

  Hooray! We made it to the final Coffee with Kim of the year and I’m pretty sure I saved the best guest for last. Kate Rosenow, aka the Marie Kondo of business, blew us away with all of her tried and true methods of organization. *sigh* I wish we could’ve used some of them […]

  2020, you can go now! You’re the friend we were excited to see but very soon outwore their welcome!  I’m giving no more attention to this bad surprise of a year. I’ve shifted focus from what all went wrong, to how we can reset to be successful in 2021.  2 Things I’m Launching In […]

  Can you believe 2020 is almost over?! How did we get here? The end of the year always makes me so reflective and as I thought about how I want to show up in the world in 2021 one word came to mind – authentically. *Cue in Alexandra Galviz.* After taking her LinkedIn course […]

  A quick show today SOLO! Going over some new business must-haves and recommendations I’ve gotten this month. But first off a quick note about our Veteran’s since today is Veteran’s Day in the United States. Veteran Organization’s To Support (1:37) No matter where you’re from I hope you celebrate your Veteran’s. The job they […]

  This week’s chat with Gemma Leigh Roberts feels perfectly timed. You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I shared on LinkedIn that I’ve had a hard time working from home, managing the house, juggling friends & family—all of it! Imagine my surprise when I received countless messages saying you’re feeling the same […]

  Erik Huberman is an award-winning CEO of one of the fastest rising marketing companies, Hawke Media. Winning multiple awards from Forbes 30 Under 30 to Inc.’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers, Erik has to be the most motivated entrepreneur I’ve ever met. If there’s a new business idea to be had he’s the first one […]

  Today’s guest is a mindset master, podcast host, and lifestyle coach – Brooke Thomas seemingly does it all. Here is a cheat sheet if you want to learn more about Brooke. The Many Hats Brooke Wears (5:15) Brooke is a full-time entrepreneur, faith-based business coach, healthy lifestyle expert and a mother! I find balancing […]

  Luke is one of my favorite deal makers in the sports industry. He is a master at brokering 7-figure partnership deals with Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi, Chase and Cadillac with his current role at the PGA of America. If you want a cheat sheet on his career check out his LinkedIn profile for […]

  Which titles does Cheslie Kryst currently hold? A.) Complex Litigation Attorney in 2 States B.) Extra TV Correspondent C.) Miss USA 2019 D.) Board Member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters E.) All of the above That would be E.) All of the above!  Which brings us to how on earth does she do it […]

  Best Question to Ask on ZOOM (7:40) Does anyone miss traveling? I do. I heard the best question on a group Zoom call last week and had to share. “If you could go anywhere in the world post-COVID, money no object, where would you go?” It’s deceptively hard. Is your first trip to see […]

  Meet CEO & Founder of CityRow, Helaine Knapp (6:20) Today I brought a friend to coffee!  The 411: Helaine worked a corporate job in New York, living the day to day grind with a steady paycheck and all the perks before an accident left her with a broken back. Doctors told her the workouts […]

  Ever been asked to “Hop on quick call” from a complete stranger? I fell for it the first few times and ended up in sales pitches or “pick my brain” conversations. I found that time, my most valuable resource, wasn’t being spent wisely. So I started a practice of guarding my time. I do […]

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