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If you’ve ever wanted to host a Linkedin Live, now is your time! When the platform announced everyone had access to the feature I was inundated with questions on how to get started.  In this week’s Coffee With Kim, I’ll answer them all!  For my guest, I brought none other than the woman behind the […]

Luke is one of my favorite deal makers in the sports industry. He is a master at brokering 7-figure partnership deals with Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi, Chase and Cadillac with his current role at the PGA of America. If you want a cheat sheet on his career check out his LinkedIn profile for his […]

Which titles does Cheslie Kryst currently hold? A.) Complex Litigation Attorney in 2 States B.) Extra TV Correspondent C.) Miss USA 2019 D.) Board Member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters E.) All of the above That would be E.) All of the above! Which brings us to how on earth does she do it all?! […]

Jason Feifer wears many hats: father, husband, amazing human being, Editor-in-Chief, podcast host and book author. Wow, it’s amazing he’s able to find time to sleep if you ask me. My biggest question for Jason? How, on top of all these things, do you even have time to work on (or deal with) your own […]

Cassie Petrey, Co-CEO of Crowd Surf (5:30) A CEO, constant learner, and ice tea drinker from Kentucky who has all the credentials that one would ever want! Cassie is a powerhouse being named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and Billboard 30 Under 30 while starting her company, Crowd Surf, based on her love of social […]

The LinkedIn Lo-Down LinkedIn has become a go-to resource for recruiters, job seekers, business and individuals looking for new opportunities, partnerships and resources. Translation: It’s more important than ever before to use it correctly so fantastic opportunities can find you! The Profile Overhaul There is nothing worse than visiting a friend’s LinkedIn profile and thinking… […]

EPISODE #1 is in the books! They always say the first time the hardest and it gets easier but something tells me anytime you are “live” it’s always going to be a bit of that fly by the seat of your pants nervous adventure! We had such an amazing conversation that covered a wide range […]

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