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I was so excited to talk all things entrepreneurship, business, and branding this week with my latest girl crush, Maya Elious. This CEO of Built to Impact and Rebelious Activewear schooled us on how to break mental barriers, bring your whole self to work, and recognize your capacity. She’s learned a lot since getting her […]

For the past 19 years Mitch Matthews has dedicated his life to coaching people into success. This week he brought the knowledge usually reserved for his DREAM THINK DO podcast listeners and BIG Dream Gathering attendees to the CWK audience. He shared wisdom on how to protect your dreams, the impact of the pandemic on […]

Hooray! We made it to the final Coffee with Kim of the year and I’m pretty sure I saved the best guest for last. Kate Rosenow, aka the Marie Kondo of business, blew us away with all of her tried and true methods of organization. *sigh* I wish we could’ve used some of them on […]

This week we got to sit down with author, speaker, founder, and all-around amazing human, Jess Ekstrom. This convo perfectly follows last week’s chat on resilience with Gemma Roberts, because all that Jess does is anchored in resilience’s best ally – optimism. I appreciated how she dove into teaching us how we can partner these […]

Jim Kwik is all about “Kwikly” teaching you how to learn more effectively. I know I know, lame dad joke but I couldn’t resist the “Kwik” reference. Jim’s last name is a perfect fit for his business, Kwik Learning! After several accidents as a child, Jim was left with learning difficulties. Instead of giving in to the […]

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