Want a new job? How about a raise? These career moves are in your control once you learn the templates and tactics to use to get them!

Learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently with Maven co-founder and powerhouse marketer Wes Kao on this episode of Coffee with Kim.

Madeline Mann is a pro at helping clients land their dream job. Her tactics go beyond perfecting your resume to perfecting your story.

Stacey A. Gordon is a rockstar when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She’s spent the last decade teaching companies to ‘Rework Work’, improving workplace cultures, dismantling hiring bias, and guiding candidates to their perfect role. Her teaching is so sought after that she has one the most watched LinkedIn Learning courses ever with […]

Raise your hand if you’re over 2020! *Raises both hands* I completely am, so for the past few Wednesdays we’ve been prepping for the new year. I spoke to Alex about authenticity, Michelle about hiring virtually, and Dan about pivoting in the new work normal. Today I’m tackling leadership. Without it we can’t be successful […]

If you’ve been joining me on Wednesday’s for any length of time you’ve heard me rave about my “wizard”, aka my assistant, Shelby. We connected through a company of kick butt virtual assistants that are mostly military spouses – how cool! Today I’m introducing you to the brains behind the business, Michelle Penczak. Like all […]

Today’s guest is a mindset master, podcast host, and lifestyle coach – Brooke Thomas seemingly does it all. Here is a cheat sheet if you want to learn more about Brooke. The Many Hats Brooke Wears (5:15) Brooke is a full-time entrepreneur, faith-based business coach, healthy lifestyle expert and a mother! I find balancing work […]

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