Money. The word either makes you cringe or lean in. Let’s talk everything from holiday budgeting to the best ways to save on everyday bills.

Learn the ins and outs of investing and personal finance with Certified Financial Planner Brittney Castro.

This week’s Coffee with Kim guest has a passion for thinking critically and finding unconventional cash flow. Codie Sanchez, a journalist turned investor, and Founder at Contrarian Thinker has found her niche in helping others become financially free.  During our conversation she demystified money making techniques, uncovered investing hidden gems, and gave tools on creating […]

In 2012, Maximilian Rofagha started an ecommerce company that grew to be the second largest in Switzerland after Amazon. He sold it three years later, and in 2016 started Finimize, a financial education platform making investing less intimidating for all. I spoke with the Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient about everything from investing to company […]

  Matt Higgins joined us for Coffee with Kim this week and if you haven’t Google stalked him yet here’s his resume cliff notes: Cofounder and CEO of RSE Ventures, Executive fellow at Harvard Business School, Host of The Manifestor Mindset podcast, Recurring Shark on Shark Tank and the list goes on.  Matt is a […]

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