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After becoming a successful entrepreneur, DJ DiDonna found himself burnt out. He decided to take a sabbatical. His life took a 180 after he lived internationally, traveled, wrote his first song, and spent time with family. Since then, DJ has made it his mission to educate others on how to do the same and help […]

After a quick summer vacation, Coffee with Kim is back and better than ever!  Our first guest of the season is the host of Big Talk podcast, author of best selling book Limitless, and Presidential Appointee under Bill Clinton, Laura Gassner Otting.  During our convo Laura shared powerful advice on how to break the mold […]

Tatiana Kolovou has one of the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses of the year. She also produces the newsletter and podcast ‘Stronger’, is a Senior Lecturer at Indiana University, the CEO of a fitness boutique, and this week, is our guest on Coffee With Kim. In our conversation she taught us how to be our […]

For the past 19 years Mitch Matthews has dedicated his life to coaching people into success. This week he brought the knowledge usually reserved for his DREAM THINK DO podcast listeners and BIG Dream Gathering attendees to the CWK audience. He shared wisdom on how to protect your dreams, the impact of the pandemic on […]

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and left overflowing with new insights? You think to yourself, ‘This person is invaluable, I can’t wait to apply what I learned and speak to them again!’ That’s how I felt after this week’s CWK with Dave Crenshaw. The CEO of Invaluable, keynote speaker, author, and man […]

At the top of 2021, I shared we’re forgetting all that went wrong in 2020 and focusing on showing up as our best selves in the new year. Our guests so far have helped us to stop living on autopilot, prepare for change, and become more socially aware. Today’s guest is teaching us how to […]

Our guest this week is a multi-hyphenated powerhouse. She’s the Founder of Diversability, host of Tiffany & Yu podcast, sits on the San Francisco mayor’s council, co-chaired the 2020 world economic forum, and is a 3 time TedX speaker. Her work is centered around amplifying the voices of people with disabilities – a mission that […]

This week’s guest is a business psychologist, an executive coach, and a Linkedin Learning Author with not one but two courses under her belt! She is a bright light who holds lots of info and on this episode, Erin Shrimpton, is sharing her knowledge usually reserved for Fortune 500 execs with us! Queen of Change […]

This week’s guest is a powerhouse to say the least! By day, she’s VP of Brand Communications and Experiences at Parallel. By night, she’s CEO & Founder of The Industry Collective. Her successful career landed her a PRWeek’s 40 Under 40 recognition, a board position at StepUp, and most recently a Rolling Stone Culture Council […]

This week’s Coffee with Kim guest is an HR Rockstar in no uncertain terms. After quitting her corporate job, she’s made it her mission to help others put themselves first and take control of their careers – she even wrote a book about it, read Betting on You here. Today, Laurie Ruettimann teaches us how […]

We all know 2020 was a wash, so I wanted our first Wednesday together to set the tone for the new year. In 2021 we’re committed to living intentionally and courageously. No more mindlessly going through the day or waiting for the other shoe to drop with bad news. We are taking charge of our […]

2020, you can go now! You’re the friend we were excited to see but very soon outwore their welcome! I’m giving no more attention to this bad surprise of a year. I’ve shifted focus from what all went wrong, to how we can reset to be successful in 2021. 2 Things I’m Launching In January […]

Can you believe 2020 is almost over?! How did we get here? The end of the year always makes me so reflective and as I thought about how I want to show up in the world in 2021 one word came to mind – authentically. *Cue in Alexandra Galviz.* After taking her LinkedIn course on […]

This week we got to sit down with author, speaker, founder, and all-around amazing human, Jess Ekstrom. This convo perfectly follows last week’s chat on resilience with Gemma Roberts, because all that Jess does is anchored in resilience’s best ally – optimism. I appreciated how she dove into teaching us how we can partner these […]

This week’s chat with Gemma Leigh Roberts feels perfectly timed. You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I shared on LinkedIn that I’ve had a hard time working from home, managing the house, juggling friends & family—all of it! Imagine my surprise when I received countless messages saying you’re feeling the same way. […]

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