Learn to create time-saving systems with Free Time author and expert, Jenny Blake, on this episode of Coffee With Kim

Take back control of your experience and design a career of your dreams with Debbie Millman.

Dorie shared everything from small daily changes to accountability hacks. You’ll leave the conversation today ready to run the extra mile.

In my mind it’s still mid-October but this being our last coffee meeting of 2021 is a reality check that the new year is in fact just a few days away! With the new year rolling around we’re all feeling extra pressure to set some solid goals. So, today I’m walking you through my go […]

There’s something about the end of the year that makes us super reflective. It could be the fact that we have less emails or that we have more time to sit with our thoughts. Either way I believe getting clear on our values will set this new year apart from the rest! Enter life and business […]

This week’s CWK guest, Todd Dewett, is a master of all things leadership. Many look to this author and reformed professor turned solopreneur for advice on being successful in and out of the workplace. He sat with the CWK community to share some of his most helpful tips and tricks on getting promoted, leading with […]

Can you believe there’s less than 90 days left until 2022?! Many of us still have goals we want to accomplish and need an extra push to get us over the hump. Look no further than this week’s Coffee with Kim guest, Amberly Lago, for inspiration.  After surviving a tragic motorcycle accident she dedicated her […]

After becoming a successful entrepreneur, DJ DiDonna found himself burnt out. He decided to take a sabbatical. His life took a 180 after he lived internationally, traveled, wrote his first song, and spent time with family. Since then, DJ has made it his mission to educate others on how to do the same and help […]

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