We dug into resilience strategies to find what works for each of us, how to set them in motion, and ways to prep for challenges.

Our routines are the first step to reaching our goals. Terry shared how he navigates big goals with the time restraints he has and how to ease into new rituals and schedules effectively.

Are you feeling burned out or just going through the motions? Antonio Neves joined us to shift our perspective and ask some hard questions.

Biggest work mistake? Assuming everyone knows your performance. Good news: mediocrity goes unnoticed. Bad news: excellence often does too.

Channel your anxiety into something productive. Join us to learn how to receive feedback, deliver tough news, and fight imposter syndrome.

Jan Rutherford joined us to talk resilience. He shared actionable tips that left me feeling motivated and excited to improve my leadership.

In this episode we discuss what burnout is, how to prevent it and the tips for avoiding burnout in the future.

Join us to learn Kristina’s process on setting goals, figuring out who you are as the main character and the real shortcut to success.

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