To celebrate my course reaching 288,000 views I’m answering all of your questions about entrepreneurship on this episode of Coffee With Kim.

This week’s CWK guest decided to be her own catalyst for change when she quit her job in 2017 without a backup plan. Ellen Yin, Founder of Cubicle to CEO has blazed a trail of success scaling her business from $300 to six figures in her first 12 months! She’s since expanded to helping entrepreneurs […]

  Matt Higgins joined us for Coffee with Kim this week and if you haven’t Google stalked him yet here’s his resume cliff notes: Cofounder and CEO of RSE Ventures, Executive fellow at Harvard Business School, Host of The Manifestor Mindset podcast, Recurring Shark on Shark Tank and the list goes on.  Matt is a […]

Today’s guest is a mindset master, podcast host, and lifestyle coach – Brooke Thomas seemingly does it all. Here is a cheat sheet if you want to learn more about Brooke. The Many Hats Brooke Wears (5:15) Brooke is a full-time entrepreneur, faith-based business coach, healthy lifestyle expert and a mother! I find balancing work […]

Charlie O’Donnell sat down to chat over coffee about the biggest secret to cultivating a successful career: investing in serendipity. This idea of investing in serendipity is the opposite of most career and personal branding advice where every meeting, interaction and social posting should be goal driven and intentional. Who is Charlie O’Donnell? (6:30) Charlie […]

Meet CEO & Founder of CityRow, Helaine Knapp (6:20) Today I brought a friend to coffee! The 411: Helaine worked a corporate job in New York, living the day to day grind with a steady paycheck and all the perks before an accident left her with a broken back. Doctors told her the workouts she […]

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