Delegating is tough for leaders. As a former ‘do it all myself’ advocate, I’ll show you how delegation leads to growth.

One skill I’ve fine tuned over the past decade? Speaking in public! Learn my tips and tactics to help battle of the fear of public speaking.

Join me as we navigate the realms of resumes, LinkedIn, and networking in the full-time job of job searching.

Improving your LinkedIn profile by implementing new features, navigating the algorithm, and writing an engaging about section!

Creating content isn’t enough to pay the bills. Join us to learn how to convert followers into customers by building trust and relationship.

How to start standing out on LinkedIn by determining your niche, writing content that stops the scroll and tips for staying consistent.

Does the thought of public speaking make you want to barf? Discover repeatable tips to stay cool and confident.

Whether you’re on a team of 1 or 100 having a solid plan in place for using AI is going to be key in the coming years.

Every Wednesday at 1pm EST on LinkedIn, you and I are going to talk about everything from business and entrepreneurship to career and mindset with industry leaders, experts, founders & CEO’s.

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