Jason Feifer shares the key to making panic work for you and what entrepreneurs should anticipate in the pending recession.

To celebrate my course reaching 288,000 views I’m answering all of your questions about entrepreneurship on this episode of Coffee With Kim.

Join us this week as we’re looking back on my favorite golden nuggets of wisdom shared by past powerhouse guests over the last two years.

We don’t gatekeep in the Coffee with Kim community! In this episode I’ll be sharing my favorite resources for life and work!

Learn to create time-saving systems with Free Time author and expert, Jenny Blake, on this episode of Coffee With Kim

Tia shared her tactics and tips on avoiding common freelancing mistakes, finding and retaining clients, and negotiating for more money.

If you knew a tragedy was coming, how would you plan for it? That’s what Jonathan Brill helps us answer on this episode of Coffee With Kim.

In this episode I invited viewers to ask me anything! I shared advice for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and easy ways to build your network.

Every Wednesday at 1pm EST on LinkedIn, you and I are going to talk about everything from business and entrepreneurship to career and mindset with industry leaders, experts, founders & CEO’s.

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