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This week’s CWK guest decided to be her own catalyst for change when she quit her job in 2017 without a backup plan. Ellen Yin, Founder of Cubicle to CEO has blazed a trail of success scaling her business from $300 to six figures in her first 12 months! She’s since expanded to helping entrepreneurs […]

This week on CWK we’re talking all things mentorship! Spoiler alert: I’m a firm believer in having mentors. The right ones can change the game for your personal and career development.  In this mini-workshop, I break down what a mentor actually is, how to find mentors, and the best way to utilize them. Whether you’re […]

I was so excited to talk all things entrepreneurship, business, and branding this week with my latest girl crush, Maya Elious. This CEO of Built to Impact and Rebelious Activewear schooled us on how to break mental barriers, bring your whole self to work, and recognize your capacity. She’s learned a lot since getting her […]

This week on CWK the viewers were my special guests! We recapped our favorite episodes of the year and swapped resources, and I shared details on how you can be a part of my upcoming beta program. I also debuted our first piece of CWK merch! Stick around until the end to learn how you […]

Cheers to the first solo show of the year! We usually have guests come share their wisdom but sometimes you don’t want a friend over to the house. You want the freedom to be a little ‘slouchy’, comfortable and real. This week’s session was just that. I checked in with viewers from Pennsylvania, Missouri, Portugal, […]

This week we got to sit down with author, speaker, founder, and all-around amazing human, Jess Ekstrom. This convo perfectly follows last week’s chat on resilience with Gemma Roberts, because all that Jess does is anchored in resilience’s best ally – optimism. I appreciated how she dove into teaching us how we can partner these […]

I miss getting together in the conference room for birthday’s. You know, the cupcakes, the sparkling water, the small talk – that was my jam! However, more than the cupcakes (although cupcakes are delicious!) I miss the feeling of community and celebration. I decided to recreate the conference room birthday party…virtually. Yes, I invited people […]

Erik Huberman is an award-winning CEO of one of the fastest rising marketing companies, Hawke Media. Winning multiple awards from Forbes 30 Under 30 to Inc.’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers, Erik has to be the most motivated entrepreneur I’ve ever met. If there’s a new business idea to be had he’s the first one on […]

Since I started our weekly Wednesday meeting, I’ve been guessing. Guessing at what would be helpful, interesting and hopefully a bit of fun for us. Ask For Help I’ve realized no matter how old I get or how much success I have one thing is always constant – it’s hard to ask for help. Sure, […]

Do you ever text a friend the day before you meet up just to say, “Thank God I’m going to see you tomorrow because I have A LOT going on!”?  That’s how I felt sending out my email Tuesday night.  This community gave me so much wisdom last Wednesday and I was really looking forward […]

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