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Is it happening for you yet? Is the content you’re creating converting prospects into clients? If not, you’re in the right place. I sat down with content creation expert Alex B. Sheridan to get all the details on how to. Alex, Founder and CEO of Impaxs Marketing, is the go to authority for content creation […]

So many of you shared that last week’s lesson on leveraging LinkedIn was incredibly helpful. I was excited to see your profile updates and new posts – go you! Today we’re building off of last week’s momentum for an episode on all things visual branding with my friend and business partner, Abby Moffitt. Abby has […]

Each week on Coffee with Kim I’m joined by an interesting leader, expert, or founder who shares wisdom to help us show up as our best selves in the workplace. Today I’m teaching you how to do so through your online presence. This week’s episode is a mini workshop on optimizing your LinkedIn profile! Why […]

At the top of 2021, I shared we’re forgetting all that went wrong in 2020 and focusing on showing up as our best selves in the new year. Our guests so far have helped us to stop living on autopilot, prepare for change, and become more socially aware. Today’s guest is teaching us how to […]

Cheers to the first solo show of the year! We usually have guests come share their wisdom but sometimes you don’t want a friend over to the house. You want the freedom to be a little ‘slouchy’, comfortable and real. This week’s session was just that. I checked in with viewers from Pennsylvania, Missouri, Portugal, […]

2020, you can go now! You’re the friend we were excited to see but very soon outwore their welcome! I’m giving no more attention to this bad surprise of a year. I’ve shifted focus from what all went wrong, to how we can reset to be successful in 2021. 2 Things I’m Launching In January […]

Can you believe 2020 is almost over?! How did we get here? The end of the year always makes me so reflective and as I thought about how I want to show up in the world in 2021 one word came to mind – authentically. *Cue in Alexandra Galviz.* After taking her LinkedIn course on […]

This week we got to sit down with author, speaker, founder, and all-around amazing human, Jess Ekstrom. This convo perfectly follows last week’s chat on resilience with Gemma Roberts, because all that Jess does is anchored in resilience’s best ally – optimism. I appreciated how she dove into teaching us how we can partner these […]

I miss getting together in the conference room for birthday’s. You know, the cupcakes, the sparkling water, the small talk – that was my jam! However, more than the cupcakes (although cupcakes are delicious!) I miss the feeling of community and celebration. I decided to recreate the conference room birthday party…virtually. Yes, I invited people […]

Jim Kwik is all about “Kwikly” teaching you how to learn more effectively. I know I know, lame dad joke but I couldn’t resist the “Kwik” reference. Jim’s last name is a perfect fit for his business, Kwik Learning! After several accidents as a child, Jim was left with learning difficulties. Instead of giving in to the […]

From Shark Tank and Dragons Den to The White House and Inc Magazine Patrick Ambron has been featured, honored and applauded by some of the biggest names in business. His company, BrandYourself.com, has helped hundreds of thousands of people clean up their online reputation and search results. Why Does Online Branding Matter? (3:45) Can you […]

Jason Feifer wears many hats: father, husband, amazing human being, Editor-in-Chief, podcast host and book author. Wow, it’s amazing he’s able to find time to sleep if you ask me. My biggest question for Jason? How, on top of all these things, do you even have time to work on (or deal with) your own […]

Cassie Petrey, Co-CEO of Crowd Surf (5:30) A CEO, constant learner, and ice tea drinker from Kentucky who has all the credentials that one would ever want! Cassie is a powerhouse being named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and Billboard 30 Under 30 while starting her company, Crowd Surf, based on her love of social […]

Best Question to Ask on ZOOM (7:40) Does anyone miss traveling? I do. I heard the best question on a group Zoom call last week and had to share. “If you could go anywhere in the world post-COVID, money no object, where would you go?” It’s deceptively hard. Is your first trip to see family? […]

Charlie O’Donnell sat down to chat over coffee about the biggest secret to cultivating a successful career: investing in serendipity. This idea of investing in serendipity is the opposite of most career and personal branding advice where every meeting, interaction and social posting should be goal driven and intentional. Who is Charlie O’Donnell? (6:30) Charlie […]

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