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A strong network is one of the most important tools you can have in your business arsenal.

3 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab attention on your LinkedIn profile.

If you’ve been wondering how to share content, attract high-paying clients & make money doing what you’re great at, you’re in the right place! 

Learn how to encode and decode cues, find confidence in your personality, and master using cues via video conferencing.

If you’ve ever wanted to host a Linkedin Live, now is your time! When the platform announced everyone had access to the feature I was inundated with questions on how to get started.  In this week’s Coffee With Kim, I’ll answer them all!  For my guest, I brought none other than the woman behind the […]

If you’re looking to level up your marketing and grow your personal or professional brand, this episode is for you. Our expert of the week, Brad Batesole, has been wildly successful in his growth marketing career by helping big brands get even bigger.  This author, LinkedIn Learning instructor, and content creator sat down with the […]

We’ve heard a lot of advice on public speaking over the years – know your audience, be prepared, practice. Even some weird ones like ‘picture everyone in their underwear.’ Today, I’m filling the gaps in that advice to help you conquer your next speech. I’ll break down the 3 acts of public speaking, how to […]

I’m so excited to bring you another mini workshop this week! We’re talking all things career capital as we get ready for the launch of my new course. I’ll be sharing what career capital is and why it matters, how to tell the story of who you are and what you do, fast-tracking your knowledge, […]

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