Learn how to handle objections like a pro and boost your sales game! From listening actively to providing solutions and building trust, Dean and I covered it all.

I’m admittedly not great at negotiating but Director of American Negotiation Institute, Kwame Christian, sat with me for Coffee With Kim to help turn that around. The LinkedIn learning instructor and lawyer believes the best things in life come on the other side of difficult conversations. He gave us tools like understanding our negotiation style, […]

This week on Coffee with Kim, LinkedIn’s Top Sales Voice of 2020, Kevin “KD” Dorsey joins us to share all his sales secrets. He’s scaled teams from 0-150+ reps and revenues from 0-$75M (and counting). He believes in processes, systems and constant self education – all the things this CWK Community is about! During our […]

This week’s CWK guest Steve Nudelberg aka, ‘The King of Sales’, has been helping companies grow for over 20 years. The author, podcast host, “principal thinker”, and father shared the importance of serving over selling, giving with intention, and running a family business. In our conversation we find out more about this fellow University of […]

This week’s CWK guest is the highly decorated Jake Dunlap. He was the first VP of Sales at Glassdoor but has taken the industry by storm as CEO of his own company, Skaled Consulting. This highly sought after thought leader, quoted by Forbes and Huffington Post, dropped knowledge on everything from getting ahead in sales […]

The theme of today’s episode can be summed up in four words: push beyond your limits. Max Altschuler has done exactly that with every aspect of his life, from starting his company Sales Hacker to selling it just a few years later. I could give you a rundown on Max’s accolades: 3-Time Book Author, international […]

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