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Have you ever wondered what my inbox looks like? This week on Coffee With Kim I’m sharing it all – with screenshots – the good, bad, and the robotic of networking on LinkedIn! I’ll be answering your FAQs, sharing the right and wrong ways to network, plus giving my personal strategy that will supercharge your […]

Time is money. It’s the most valuable thing you have. You can’t buy more of it, sell it, or trade it in. It’s finite. People who waste it, who make you run late or get off track, are not people you want to meet with again. Which is why the secret to getting the second […]

I get asked a lot about meetings (I go on A LOT of them) and what’s the secret to having a great meeting with someone. Especially if you’re nervous or interviewing or it’s a big client or a potential investor… I have one secret sentence that works every time without fail. ⁣ How can I […]

I hate the “New Year, New Me” phrase. Why do we have to come up with a totally new version of ourselves? What if the 2018 version wasn’t half bad?! ⁣ ⁣ LOVE YOURSELF (flaws & all y’all) in 2019! ✋ Stop that negative “I’m not enough” mindset that needs a “new you”. You are […]

Would you let an unqualified doctor slice you open? Would you go into an operation or procedure without a second opinion? How about consuming something that might be toxic to you? ⁣ ⁣ OF COURSE YOU WOULDN’T!❗️⁣ ⁣ It’s amazing how much care & energy we put into protecting our bodies & doing the best […]

How do I “stay present” during the holidays when the thought of “putting my phone in the other room” causes MAJOR anxiety?!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Check out these 2 tips I’ve been using! They’ve kept me 💯 honest & in check. Maybe one day I’ll be able to “total zen” and keep my phone in the other […]

Sticking to good habits is SO tough this time of year! At least it is for me. 😬 I constantly say, “Well it’s the holidays!” as if it’s a free-for-all excuse to have ice cream for breakfast, stay up later than normal & spend too much on Cyber Monday 🤦🏻‍♀️ So I’m going to try […]

What have you been putting off? Been “waiting for the right time” to start? To get a “little further ahead” before diving in? Whatever it is – START! The fastest way to success is to BEGIN! Even the smallest of baby steps is movement towards the life you want to be living. Today is Monday. […]

“Easy” “Quick” “Hack” “Fast” we see these trigger words and we JUMP! “10 Quick Diet Tricks” Click, click, click. I’m guilty of trying to hack my way through life & then getting upset when the results aren’t “there”. So lately I’ve been exercising & strengthening 💪🏼 the most important skill that NO ONE WANTS TO […]

Are you poisoning yourself? ☠️ We know in our everyday lives not to surround ourselves with negative influences but we also have an entire DIGITAL LIFE! I realized some of my digital life was spent feeling sad or bad about my life or where I live or my body or what I eat or what […]

My newest way of alleviating stress is brain dumping. At any given time (*especially* when I’m laying down to 😴 at night) I have a million ideas bouncing around my head from “Did that proposal get sent out?” to “Need to pick up peanut butter!” As a way to calm my mind I put every […]

Do you find your voice cringe-worthy? What about watching yourself on tape? 😬 Ekkk! I *know* the sheer thought of it makes you wince. BUT it is oh-so-important to help yourself grow in the workplace. It’s important to sound strong, confident & sure of yourself no matter what the environment! 💪🏼 Here’s a tactic I’ve […]

I am a victim of “yes” quite a bit. My guess is you are too. You WANT to help out a coworker who’s falling behind, you LOVE volunteering on the weekend, and OF COURSE you will help organize the surprise birthday. Before you know it it’s 2am you’re making posters for the marathon & saying […]

Please add “Celebrate!” to your To Do List this week. We spend *SO* much time on “the next” – you’re guilty of it (so am I!). The next project, the next promotion, the next client, the next item on your to do list. ✏️ Take time this week to celebrate 🎉 Celebrate finishing that big […]

Monday post-vacation blues. How do you kick start your way back into work? Had a LOT of questions about this & I have a mantra for you that I picked up a few years ago…Monday’s are for ME! Think of Monday as YOUR day. No external meetings! No long conference calls! Monday’s are your day […]

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