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  This week’s Coffee with Kim guest is an HR Rockstar in no uncertain terms. After quitting her corporate job, she’s made it her mission to help others put themselves first and take control of their careers – she even wrote a book about it, read Betting on You here. Today, Laurie Ruettimann teaches us […]

  Hooray! We made it to the final Coffee with Kim of the year and I’m pretty sure I saved the best guest for last. Kate Rosenow, aka the Marie Kondo of business, blew us away with all of her tried and true methods of organization. *sigh* I wish we could’ve used some of them […]

  2020, you can go now! You’re the friend we were excited to see but very soon outwore their welcome!  I’m giving no more attention to this bad surprise of a year. I’ve shifted focus from what all went wrong, to how we can reset to be successful in 2021.  2 Things I’m Launching In […]

  Raise your hand if you’re over 2020! *Raises both hands* I completely am, so for the past few Wednesdays we’ve been prepping for the new year. I spoke to Alex about authenticity, Michelle about hiring virtually, and Dan about pivoting in the new work normal. Today I’m tackling leadership. Without it we can’t be […]

  Can you believe 2020 is almost over?! How did we get here? The end of the year always makes me so reflective and as I thought about how I want to show up in the world in 2021 one word came to mind – authentically. *Cue in Alexandra Galviz.* After taking her LinkedIn course […]

  A quick show today SOLO! Going over some new business must-haves and recommendations I’ve gotten this month. But first off a quick note about our Veteran’s since today is Veteran’s Day in the United States. Veteran Organization’s To Support (1:37) No matter where you’re from I hope you celebrate your Veteran’s. The job they […]

  If someone had asked me what 2020’s workplace culture was going to be I would never have said Work From Home. While WFH was gaining popularity among millennials, people thought it would take decades before large companies adopted the practice. Who knew all it would take was a global pandemic to create the biggest […]

  The theme of today’s episode can be summed up in four words: push beyond your limits. Max Altschuler has done exactly that with every aspect of his life, from starting his company Sales Hacker to selling it just a few years later.  I could give you a rundown on Max’s accolades: 3-Time Book Author, […]

  Alex Lieberman’s Morning Brew is more than just a newsletter, it’s a bonafide media company growing into podcasts, long form reporting and content creation. I was recently turned on to Morning Brew (from a previous Coffee with Kim session!) and I’m officially hooked. The catchy, 5-minute or less read helps me stay up to […]

  Erik Huberman is an award-winning CEO of one of the fastest rising marketing companies, Hawke Media. Winning multiple awards from Forbes 30 Under 30 to Inc.’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers, Erik has to be the most motivated entrepreneur I’ve ever met. If there’s a new business idea to be had he’s the first one […]

  Today’s guest is a mindset master, podcast host, and lifestyle coach – Brooke Thomas seemingly does it all. Here is a cheat sheet if you want to learn more about Brooke. The Many Hats Brooke Wears (5:15) Brooke is a full-time entrepreneur, faith-based business coach, healthy lifestyle expert and a mother! I find balancing […]

  From Shark Tank and Dragons Den to The White House and Inc Magazine Patrick Ambron has been featured, honored and applauded by some of the biggest names in business. His company, BrandYourself.com, has helped hundreds of thousands of people clean up their online reputation and search results.  Why Does Online Branding Matter? (3:45) Can […]

  Since I started our weekly Wednesday meeting, I’ve been guessing. Guessing at what would be helpful, interesting and hopefully a bit of fun for us.  Ask For Help I’ve realized no matter how old I get or how much success I have one thing is always constant – it’s hard to ask for help. […]

  Jason Feifer wears many hats: father, husband, amazing human being, Editor-in-Chief, podcast host and book author. Wow, it’s amazing he’s able to find time to sleep if you ask me. My biggest question for Jason? How, on top of all these things, do you even have time to work on (or deal with) your […]

  Myka Meier: The Etiquette Powerhouse (5:30) She’s the author of not one but TWO best selling books, a mom, a University of Florida alum (like me!) and the CEO of Beaumonte Etiquette. She’s reguarly featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Daily Mail and she’s the Plaza Hotel’s official partner! Seriously when does […]

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