We dug into resilience strategies to find what works for each of us, how to set them in motion, and ways to prep for challenges.

Year-end stress can hinder communication. Janine shared tips for effective communication at work and home during this busy time.

Tips on engaging teams, involving naysayers, and reading nonverbals to successfully pitch your big ideas and improve communication at work.

In today’s coffee meeting, we debunked myths around leadership and zeroed in on what it takes to be an influential leader.

Delegating is hard but the day you realize that you can’t do it all, is the day you can begin to reclaim your time.

Jan Rutherford joined us to talk resilience. He shared actionable tips that left me feeling motivated and excited to improve my leadership.

In 2022, I want to learn how to embrace challenges confidently! Enter today’s Coffee With Kim guest, Liane Davey. The New York Times best selling author, Harvard Business Review contributor, and self-proclaimed “water cooler psychologist” sat with us to give actionable steps on making conflict in the workplace less scary and more approachable. Learn to […]

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