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There’s something about the end of the year that makes us super reflective. It could be the fact that we have less emails or that we have more time to sit with our thoughts. Either way I believe getting clear on our values will set this new year apart from the rest! Enter life and business […]

This week’s Coffee with Kim guest has a passion for thinking critically and finding unconventional cash flow. Codie Sanchez, a journalist turned investor, and Founder at Contrarian Thinker has found her niche in helping others become financially free.  During our conversation she demystified money making techniques, uncovered investing hidden gems, and gave tools on creating […]

Hooray! We made it to the final Coffee with Kim of the year and I’m pretty sure I saved the best guest for last. Kate Rosenow, aka the Marie Kondo of business, blew us away with all of her tried and true methods of organization. *sigh* I wish we could’ve used some of them on […]

Raise your hand if you’re over 2020! *Raises both hands* I completely am, so for the past few Wednesdays we’ve been prepping for the new year. I spoke to Alex about authenticity, Michelle about hiring virtually, and Dan about pivoting in the new work normal. Today I’m tackling leadership. Without it we can’t be successful […]

If you’ve been joining me on Wednesday’s for any length of time you’ve heard me rave about my “wizard”, aka my assistant, Shelby. We connected through a company of kick butt virtual assistants that are mostly military spouses – how cool! Today I’m introducing you to the brains behind the business, Michelle Penczak. Like all […]

Since I started our weekly Wednesday meeting, I’ve been guessing. Guessing at what would be helpful, interesting and hopefully a bit of fun for us. Ask For Help I’ve realized no matter how old I get or how much success I have one thing is always constant – it’s hard to ask for help. Sure, […]

Ever been asked to “Hop on quick call” from a complete stranger? I fell for it the first few times and ended up in sales pitches or “pick my brain” conversations. I found that time, my most valuable resource, wasn’t being spent wisely. So I started a practice of guarding my time. I do that […]

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