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Raise your hand if you’re over 2020! *Raises both hands* I completely am, so for the past few Wednesdays we’ve been prepping for the new year. I spoke to Alex about authenticity, Michelle about hiring virtually, and Dan about pivoting in the new work normal. Today I’m tackling leadership. Without it we can’t be successful […]

If you’ve been joining me on Wednesday’s for any length of time you’ve heard me rave about my “wizard”, aka my assistant, Shelby. We connected through a company of kick butt virtual assistants that are mostly military spouses – how cool! Today I’m introducing you to the brains behind the business, Michelle Penczak. Like all […]

Since I started our weekly Wednesday meeting, I’ve been guessing. Guessing at what would be helpful, interesting and hopefully a bit of fun for us. Ask For Help I’ve realized no matter how old I get or how much success I have one thing is always constant – it’s hard to ask for help. Sure, […]

Ever been asked to “Hop on quick call” from a complete stranger? I fell for it the first few times and ended up in sales pitches or “pick my brain” conversations. I found that time, my most valuable resource, wasn’t being spent wisely. So I started a practice of guarding my time. I do that […]

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