Optimizing Work

Tasks are piling up and the to-do list seems endless. Emmy-winning Paula shares tips on using AI to supercharge productivity!

Discovering ChatGPT and other AI tools is one thing, but Jake shared how to utilize them to boost sales and train your team.

In this episode Shanae took us through the baby steps of integrating AI tools to gather data and improve our online business.

Whether you’re on a team of 1 or 100 having a solid plan in place for using AI is going to be key in the coming years.

Delegating is hard but the day you realize that you can’t do it all, is the day you can begin to reclaim your time.

AI expert, Dave Birss and I discussed new technology, what mistakes we might be making, and how we can improve prompts to get results.

Creating content can be time-consuming & exhausting. Join Jenny & me as we talk through the creator economy and what tools will win back time!

Learn to create time-saving systems with Free Time author and expert, Jenny Blake, on this episode of Coffee With Kim

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